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This year the Speicherstadt and the Kontorhaus District with the iconic Chilehaus celebrate 5 years of UNESCO World Heritage – digitally.

After comprehensive consideration of all risks, the German Commission for UNESCO, the Association of World Heritage Sites in Germany and the City of Potsdam decided to cancel this year’s UNESCO World Heritage Day on 7 June 2020 due to the current development of COVID-19. The cancellation concerns the central opening event in Potsdam as well as the further activities at the World Heritage Sites on site, including Hamburg.

Nevertheless, we would like to invite you to celebrate the anniversary with us this summer and to rediscover Hamburg’s world heritage for yourself.

Verladen von Mauersteinen vom Schiff auf den Wagen.

Explore Hamburg’s World Heritage Sites on your own and also visit the Speicherstadtmuseum, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

The contents of this website will support you even if you cannot come to Hamburg at the moment.

We offer virtual tours and digital content with exciting information on World Heritage, created by local cultural operators.

Stay well!

Understanding World Heritage

Virtual Exhibits


Map of the river Elbe by Melchior Lorichs, 1568 (reproduction)

Stroll, Explore, Marvel


As travelling in Corona times is difficult, we have set out for you to give you an understanding of our world heritage in various virtual tours. From your sofa, follow our experienced tour guides on the traces of history through Speicherstadt and Kontorhaus District.

The various videos will give you a wonderful impression of the diversity, complexity and attention to detail of Hamburg’s World Heritage Site: the Speicherstadt with its history, the 25th anniversary of the Speicherstadtmuseum, a presentation of all Kontor houses in the Kontorhaus District and an extensive guided tour around, in and even on the Chilehaus.

Accompany Dr. Ralf Lange, art historian and curator of the Speicherstadtmuseum, on an exciting tour through the World Heritage Site and let the experienced tour guide Nicola Janocha introduce you to the secrets of the Chilehaus.

We have put together a big package for you, which will let you immerse yourself in the special features of Hamburg’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Presented by Stiftung Historische Museen Hamburg

Current exhibitions

Presented by IG Kulturquartier

A Stroll Through Speicherstadt

The Speicherstadt is a compulsory part of every visit to Hamburg, and not only since UNESCO awarded it the status of World Heritage Site. But it is also a very mundane workplace for many Hamburgers, a destination for excursions and a shopping mile. If you take a little time, you can experience the history of the whole city during a visit.


Aerial view by Martin Elsen.

Discover the Wadden Sea from a bird’s eye view.

A Day by the Sea

Wadden Sea Special

Here it is possible in an exemplary way to keep monuments alive and thus make them tangible for posterity. As Senator for Culture, I am very pleased that cultural uses in particular are making an important contribution.

Prof. Barbara Kisseler
former Cultural Senator

The Speicherstadt and Kontorhaus district document in a unique way the rise of Hamburg to one of the largest and most important seaports in the world. At the same time they symbolize cultural and social identity.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier
Federal President, former Foreign Minister

The Chilehaus—the prima donna among the office buildings.

Dr. Ralf Lange
Art historian and curator of the Speicherstadtmuseum
One Sunday in June

German World Heritage Day

On the initiative of the German Commission for UNESCO and UNESCO World Heritage Sites Germany e.V., a UNESCO World Heritage Day was proclaimed in Germany for the first time on 5 June 2005. Since then, World Heritage Day has taken place every year on the first Sunday in June.

The aim of UNESCO World Heritage Day is to raise public awareness of the German World Heritage Sites not only as sites of particularly careful monument conservation, but also to strengthen their role as mediators of the UNESCO idea. Encounter and cultural dialogue are therefore the thematic priorities of World Heritage Day. The World Heritage Sites, supported by the German Commission for UNESCO and UNESCO World Heritage Sites Germany e.V., present our common heritage.

Above all, World Heritage Day should be a forum for communication and encounter with local people for whom “their World Heritage Site” represents an important cultural and historical reference point. The basic idea is to make World Heritage tangible and to understand one’s own culture as part of a diverse heritage of humanity. Each World Heritage Site is a place on a fascinating map of cultural differences and a place for learning about intercultural understanding.

Children and young people are a special target group. Age-appropriate actions aim to stimulate young people’s interest in cultural heritage and monument conservation. A museum education programme is therefore also part of World Heritage Day.

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